Firmly overcome the uncertainties

Uncertainty is not frightening. The fact that we cling to our fears and have a surrendering attitude in the face of uncertainty scares me the most.

Huyen Do

Ms.Nguyen is without a doubt an inspirational and visionary person who is excellent at providing coaching and motivating others.


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Trang.

Supporting others to discover their motivation and values to do better is what drives me.

An explorer

A young Vietnamese girl is just getting to see the world. You are welcome to look around and join me on my future adventures.

An L&D mentor

I help my people realize their full potential by offering encouragement, direction, and the know-how they need to accomplish their goals and maintain their composure throughout times of change.

A consultant

It’s time to update the traditional KPI-based management approach for everyone, from individuals or startups to SMEs. So, what now?

About me

Hi! I'm Trang, a travel enthusiast who enjoys reading, writing, and interacting with others.

I’m a Learning and Development Specialist with 9 years of experience working in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Estonia. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Business & Mngt and a Soft-skills Lecturer/Facilitator.

I get my drive from helping others discover their beliefs and motivation, especially amid the challenges of life transitions.


Jan, 2023

New York Coaching


Feb, 2021

Los Angeles Coaching


Mar, 2021

Washington Coaching


Jul, 2021

Las Vegas Coaching


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Happy partnerships

Ms. Trang is, without a doubt, an inspirational and visionary person who is excellent at providing coaching and motivating others. She is highly skilled at identifying people’s strengths and inspiring them to develop to their full potential. Ms. Trang always responds to every of my question and concern gently and thoughtfully. Thanks to her lessons, I can completely transform myself into the person I am today.

Huyen Do

I had the pleasure to work closely with Trang while building my startup. She takes initiative, comes up with strategic/tactical action-plans, and most importantly delivers that she signed up for.

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